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  17. Sorry, Seafoid. -see below.“Some members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee have been informed of the report.”“The study, which has been made available only to a certain number of individuals, further forecasts the return of all Palestinian refugees to the occupied territories, and the exodus of two million Israeli – who would move to the US in the next fifteen years.”

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  19. 5/29/2017

    Wow I like it Ivan. For me it depends who is staring at me really I guess putting aside our own judgements and programming, letting it go and to be able to see people from this state can be powerful.[]

  20. “A leap.” So interesting because every time Husband and I talk about this dilemma, we end by saying that it’s all about taking a leap and just trusting that it will work out. Fascinating that this language of leaping transcends geographical and situational bounds. Perhaps fodder for its own post. (Good to know I’m not the only one having this dilemma.)

  21. codru,binenteles ca stiu de CMC:) e pe lista de vizite. intre noi fie vorba, de la el am facut prima paime. prima. din aia fara framantat. banetoanele arata f a b u l o s. astept cu nerabdare postul urmator!teo

  22. 5/29/2017

    The buildings didn’t fall at free fall speed. You can see debris falling past the buildings as they collapsed. 9/11 wasn’t orchestrated by the government. It was exploited. The Nixon Adminstration couldn’t even get away with Watergate during a time when info didn’t leak nearly as easily as now. And yet, you believe the Bush administration orchestrated ALL of 9/11? Doesn’t it seem a little overkilled to you?

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  25. Ha, ha! Spending so much time promoting myself these days, I don't know how to find the time to write. I do have a novel on the go, but it's slow going. I look back with wistfulness and affection on the days when publishers publicized their authors' books, instead of expecting them to do it themselves. And, on top of that, they still expect them to write! [Sorry for that, couldn't resist a gripe.]

  26. Greg L.—like where the Asian kids were being accosted. Didn't that just occur a few days ago? Where was Rev Al then"Weren't the kids who attacked the Asian students arrested and punished?This is what people like you never understand.Sharpton shows up when the establshment and the people that are supposed to be protecting and serving us act the fool.And who often get away with it scot-free.There is a difference if you take the time to look.

  27. …….In 1961 anyone who was underthe age of 21 was a minor and could not LEGALLY engage in any contractual obligations,could not vote, and could not pass on or otherwise confer any legal status to another person, including children born to the underage person.

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  34. I am a victim….after years of keeping my dark secret to myself,it took several people to convince me that I was the “VICTIM”. As a woman I was given full responsibility by the perp and myself for all that happened.

  35. What an interesting cake, Angie, I must find some spelt flour and try it — you have some wonderful recipes using that kind of flour. Would you just eat it plain or drizzle honey and perhaps some whipped cream on it?

  36. Bonjour… Je suis assez d’accord avec vous! En tant que grand supporter du XV de France et du sport en général, je ne voit pas pourquoi les « grandes chaines » s’appropriraient les « grands rendez-vous » sportfs ou pas! France4 est une chaine honorable…

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  39. Nice!!! Now, I am tempted to go to Kuching too. How la!? With your pictures and stories of Kuching and KK, I am so tempted to hop on a plane and just go.The pepper roots sounds interesting. I must get some when I get there.. as for the layer cake.. errr.. a bit scary.. color and texture…..

  40. too often: host FOCS/STOC at universities and save everyone a huge amount of money! Also, if it were cheaper maybe we'd get more people… Additionally, university lecture halls are often better set up for talks than hotel conference rooms, in terms of seeing the speaker/slides, acoustics, and seating.

  41. Boarf, tu sais, la langue, ça évolue… Un jour, j’imagine que la langue mondiale ne fera plus la différence entre les genres… Mais pourquoi hater ça ? Profitons encore des vestiges de cette belle langue française (note : ne dit-on pas LA langue française ? ), nos enfants sauront bien profiter de la leur !

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  43. Michelle: I'd heard that the body rejecting piercings can happen. I also have my navel pierced (it's about 11 years old now), and so far so good, but I expect it won't be around forever either. I don't really notice the Monroe being gone, I think because I frequently forgot it was there anyway.Shybiker: Classic story! Sounds like something my mom would say.

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  50. When keeping it political goes too far. Representative Stupack was correct in his assessment that these threats and attacks, were a form of domestic terrorism. The sane and rational from all sides must let it be known that these kinds of acts are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

  51. none of them!Please don’t ever use 8′s on a squirrel. 6′s at the smallest. 4′s are fine as well, and 2′s work in a pinch. We shoot them with 2′s all the time during duck/goose season when hunting flooded timber.

  52. Du har någon HTML-kod i något av dina senare inlägg som förstör din layout. Oftast är det för många/för få <div> och/eller <span>. Händer ibland när man kopierar och klistrar direkt från andra webbsidor.Jag renade bort alla <span> från ditt senaste inlägg så fixade det sig.

  53. We don’t have a lot of areas where you can find something edible here but then again I wouldn’t really know what to look for! Love the look of your salad!

  54. Jessiman took a shot to the foot against Texas the day before we first played them in Rockford. (Mid- December?)Pretty sad when Mark Santorelli is your leading goal scorer on the active roster… can’t say the outcome was that surprising, not much Dex can do when the D flops around like fish.

  55. Siempre que leo u oigo Salvatore me viene a la cabeza una escena de la peli ” El nombre de la rosa “, en la que están un monje y un jorobado, y el jorobado hace algo malo, a lo que el monje grita : SALVATOREEEE ! Y le da un guantazo xDDDD

  56. Oui, oui, oui… La liberté de la presse oui!!! Mais attention aussi, à cette dérive monopolisante de ce qui fut le quatrième pouvoir et aujourd’hui est le premier pour ne pas dire l’unique auquel les autres sont assugetis!!! Mais c’était une parenthèse. Tu as choisi un texte et des photos magnifiques pour illustrer ce thème: créés par des hommes qui avaient une réelle conscience, en plus du talent. Salut fort amical de nous trois!!

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  64. I totally agree eeeew her forehead is so wide it overtakes her face and I think women in there late thirties are actually more attractive with expression and it is so much softer looking than the evil Botox BROW. Hopefully they will come up with something much more subtle.

  65. 5/21/2017

    wie tolle Preise ihr habt :-)ich hab die seite geliket. also ich nehme teil !ich wünsche euch einen schönen ersten Advent, liebe grüße ♥

  66. 1. 我說「淫褻」或「不雅」只是為了方便,我贊同把第 II 和第 III 類改稱為「限制級」、「禁制級」之類的主張。其實《淫褻及不雅物品管制條例》亦應改稱為《資訊分類及管制條例》,明明是關於審查的法律,不必托詞裝飾。如你所說,現時的分類太籠統。另行立法或令指引更清晰,我認為都是可行之法。你覺得另行立法較好,我無所謂,總之法例夠清晰便行。2. 澳洲的做法是由法定機構訂立指引,再刊憲生效。戴(耀廷,I presume)教授的想法與此類同。問題是,香港政府並非民選,因此若「指引委員會」的做法太極端,巿民無法阻止或讓下屆政府撥亂反正。較適當的做法,是由一個臨時的指引委員會先歸納巿民的意見,草擬一份指引,然後再把它納入法例,每隔一段時間再檢討。這樣雖然令法例變得臃腫和改變較頻仍,但立法會起碼可以阻止太過份的指引出現。

  67. field, you wrote:As for you being able to read my mind and tell me about MY writing; all I can say is that you are wasting your talent.Read your mind? Not necessary. You wrote what you wrote. That's all I know.You have the standard problem of thinking readers CAN read your mind. It's a common problem. Less effective writers are prone to thinking that readers can see things that are not present in their writing. Certain subtextural stuff is visible at times. Like irony, when it's handled correctly. Anyway, take a lesson from anon 12:44.


  69. justo diez días os contábamos que la compañía había tenido que reconocer que existían algunos problemas de compatibilidad entre su Leica M9 y las tarjetas de memoria SDHC. Ahora también ha tenido que avisar de un

  70. I have yet to hear anything from Ahmadinejad regarding all this or have I missed some press conference or TV statement regarding this alleged election fraud. I believe he has been conspicuous bye his absence in all this????????

  71. he would have shot her, he threw her into jail, he made sure she was harrassed, and finally someone, following orders or interpreting them, raped her. Then someone pu the topping on the ice cream and performed an histerectomy on her.Don’t focus your your anger on those who stayed at home and did nothing; focus on the ones who DID AND SAID THINGS, which are even on record, which led to this.

  72. with your local phone number and I will give you a buzz.I did not know there was a professional volleyball team here in town, we would love to go to a game so let me know!!Kelley

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  74. Your P.S. and P.P.S. are more informative that your narrative! You are young – you will survive this! You are blessed because you didn’t hit or hurt another person or wreck your Mothers Car or cause an accident. Try to be brave and understand why you were so foolish to need other peoples approval! Look for more mature and centered friends!

  75. 5/19/2017

    All of my questions settled-thanks!

  76. That is hilarious! Not this past weekend, but the one before that (weekend of 9/22), my wife and I took the boys to Disney World and we watched Aladdin one night as well! (Also got to ride the Magic Carpets for the first time!)“I think it is time we said good-bye to Prince Abooboo!”

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